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Learning Ukulele In 7 Days

3.27 usd

This app downloads and stores 196 MB data on the SD card. Download has to be done over WIFI.You can try the free app "Ukulele Learning Lite" first, to check out if you like it.This app only contains english language.”Learning Ukulele – In 7 Days ” is the ideal start to learn to play ukulele. You don´t need any knowledge to use this app. You just have to have a ukulele.You can use it as a learning tool, you can use the chordfinder to lookup some chords or the tuner to tune your instrument.The app contains 7 lessons, so it gives the beginner the opportunity to learn to play step by step. At the end of each lesson you will learn to play a song.If you have already started to learn to play the ukulele, you can skip a lesson or you can just go straight forward to the playalongs."Learning Ukulele – In 7 Days" contains 7 exclusively made playalongs. Put on your earphones and start to jam. At the end of a week you will be able to play 6 popular songs on the uke.